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Brikkin is India’s first cloud brokerage realty network that supports real-estate channel partners in hyper-scaling their business.

Brikkin is a new-age tool for Real Estate agents. which enables them to use technology and digital to help amplify their brokerage by 2x. It is a seamless digital platform for agents to get expert services for lead generation, training programs and much more.

Govind Rai and Paritrupt Bagadia, who are our founders, come with a combined experience of 15+ years in Real-Estate. In that time, they have worked with 160+ developers and 1,000+ channel partners. It is this experience that gave birth to the idea of Brikkin. They strongly believe that channel partners are an inseparable part of the Real-Estate ecosystem and the coming 1 to 2 years are going to be about 300-400 individual channel partners and small brokerage firms scaling to pan-India level. And their mission is to support this growth through Brikkin.

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